About Diane

After witnessing the overwhelming impact Health Kinesiology had on several of my loved ones, I embarked on a mission to share this incredible therapy with others. In 2004, I completed the Certification Program for Health Kinesiology and am now reflecting years of experience by assisting in personal transformations. I continue to develop and perfect my techniques by attending regular courses and seminars to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge therapies. I specialize in the treatment of allergies and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Sensitivity—the effects of electromagnetic waves on the body and mind. I have years of experience in muscle testing and extensive knowledge of supplements, herbs and eating healthy.

My overall goal is to discover what is weakening you, physically or emotionally, and more importantly, I can establish what is needed to strengthen you. I am a Certified Health Kinesiologist based in Janesville, Wisconsin, with a second location in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.

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