Below are but a few real life examples of the life-changing benefits Diane's patients are receiving from Health Kinesiology.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Sleep Disturbance
Sinus Issues
Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities
Skin Irritation
Pain Relief
General Wellness

Attention Deficit Disorder
My 7-year-old son’s school felt he had signs of ADD. He was very negative and frustrated regarding his abilities. His attitude improved after his first visit, and teacher noted that he seemed less frustrated. His reading even improved. Since then, he has had two more sessions and reported yesterday, “Remember last year when I hated school? Now I almost like it!”

We will continue with the sessions because we have also seen improvement in his allergy symptoms and sinus problems.

- Judy

I am excited to let you know that we have seen an improvement with our son after his first session! That night after his first appointment he wanted to make cookies and decorate Easter eggs. He made and decorated the cookies and dyed eggs all without being distracted or getting bored with it. Normally, his attention wouldn’t be there and he would’ve just stopped and gone on to do something else. He was eager to help and had fun and giggled the entire time. We sat and had dinner afterwards and he helped pick up all of our plates and cleared the table and acted like a little waiter. It was very unlike him. We watched with our eyes wide in amazement! My husband said, “Whatever that lady did, keep taking him back”. I am so thankful for you and your knowledge! Before meeting you his teacher said that she thought he has ADD and suggested putting him on meds. I was against that from the get go and I think you are what he needed. Thank you so much! I feel like our little boy is coming into himself and am glad that there are options besides medicine.

- J. B. Beloit, WI

While writing in my journal the morning of Diane's session, I was questioning why I was so sad. Why don't I want to face the day? Who really cares about me?

As supportive work from my HK session, I was given some activities to do and felt that I had a direction to go in. The next morning, I woke up with a sense of wellbeing. Not jumping out of bed energized and ready to go, but calm and focused. The supportive activities showed me a path to go down and I felt the clutter in my mind had a direction with a manageable goal. On a physical level, my lower back felt stronger and more stabilized.

- SD, Janesville, WI

I have so many experiences working with Diane and HK. Many issues have shown to be directly connected to EMFs. I came into my most recent session feeling hopeless, complaining of fatigue and depression. My brain had been going in circles and I was suspecting hormonal issues were to blame.

I left feeling relaxed, my brain refocused and feeling like myself again. Diane is the first call I make when I have any health issue.

- JS, Janesville, WI

Sleep Disturbance
Since seeing Diane I have NO MORE flash backs, night errors and don’t recall past traumas anymore. I feel an inner peace I have never felt before. My anxiety has almost completely gone away and I can now sleep all night with no sleeping pills.

- Tina, WI

My Tourette's has gone down. I feel more calm, less tense and have less pain.

-Mason, age 13

Sinus Irritation
My 4-year-old son has struggled with nasal congestion since he was born. When I finally examined his nasal passages, I discovered how severely swollen they were. It was no wonder he had trouble sleeping, which in turn affected his daily temperament.

After his first visit, he slept through the night peacefully. The dark circles under his eyes started to disappear and he stopped grinding his teeth at night. His constipation issues were immediately corrected, which was confirmed by his little report, “Mom, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

In addition, his subsequent visits have resulted in gradual widening of his nasal passages and total elimination of the dark circles under his eyes. I highly recommend HK for it’s non-invasive, painless, totally holistic method of healing. Now, all seven of my children, plus my husband and me have benefited from HK. Diane is awesome!

- Vicki

What does Diane do and how does she do it? Let me count the ways: She has performed many miracles on my mind & body. The sessions are interesting and informative. Sometimes we include things such as recalling a past experience in my life and the related emotional words – unusual yes, but it always works! The most recent example is that she cured me of my post-nasal drip that caused me to continually clear my throat or cough. Kudos to Kodak!

- Carol, Janesville, WI

Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities
Testing shows I have a plethora of allergies and sensitivities. I usually work on several at a time with homeopathic drops. We recently worked on the allergies during an HK session and when I went back in for a retest, my allergies were cleared and I did not have to take the drops orally!

My husband died 3 years ago and I found it was very hard for me to stay at home. We worked on that, and a few sessions later, I notice that I now enjoy my home again. I feel good and comfortable being there.

Today I came in for my HK session all stuffed up with head pressure. As I was leaving, I noticed it was already cleared up.

- Fran Schewe 4/17/2015

When I speak of HK it's hard to explain; either you get it or you don't! To get it means to accept responsibility for where we are based on our choices and experiences. This is hard, when most folks are looking to blame others. In fact not only are we all responsible for our own past, but able to change our future! With this knowledge, this power can influence our path.

I think what I love most about our sessions is my own self discovery. Sometimes saying the words that are swimming around in my head is almost as much freedom from them as responsibility to own them. Once you put a sound to the word there is ownership, responsibility and choice. While this is intimidating in the beginning, it grows to be very empowering.

The one situation I remember most vividly is the poison oak in my yard and my severe physical reaction to it. This would occur each spring/summer, no matter how much I covered in clothing and heavy gloves. Through my sessions, we discovered a connection between the severity of my reaction and a plant that was given to my by a very toxic friend. After my corrections and support work, I was finally free of the rashes and torment that accompanied them. Even though I had already removed the toxic friendship, I had never dealt with the guilt or addressed the negative impact on my energy. After years of battling the reaction, just one session completely dedicated to this issue was all it took! Now after 3 years, still no reaction to the same plants that previously sent me crying in pain.

I can't thank you enough for the power you give me! I accepted responsibility for my choices, but knowing how to move forward is where you came in! Your guidance is priceless and the ability to do the work required to change my path and heal my energy is also my freedom. I have felt blessed from the day I met you many years ago and plan to continue to grow along side of you, taking responsibility for my choices and doing the support work all the way along. Thank you, my friend!

- Dottie Lipinski

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how you’ve helped give me my life back. As you know, I clean houses for a living. I would come home from work and literally be on the couch for at least an hour. I couldn’t function. I was exhausted. That’s when I talked to you and you thought it might be a chemical allergy. From the first session beginning in November of 2004, I immediately felt things happening to my body. It was detoxing.

I initially came for the chemical allergy, and I’m amazed how many others things have been corrected. I clean my “Cat House” every two weeks. I’m highly allergic to cats. I had to buy special medicine that costs $50 and take before, during, and after I clean this house. I no longer take any allergy medicine. I had lower back pain and literally had to roll out of bed everyday. Now I’m fine. I couldn’t sleep at night and was very restless. Now, I can sleep. You helped me to realize this was from my waterbed being on all time. You suggested to put it on a timer, and within a few days, I could see the change.

I needed naps every day at 3:00pm. When my poor 10-year-old son would come home from school every day, I was always on the couch. I no longer need naps every day, only occasionally, when I overdo yard work or exercise.

Two weeks before our first session, I had an appointment with a dermatologist for spots on my nose; I suspected it was skin cancer. I decided to cancel and see if you could help me. Come to find out, it was caused by all of the cleaning chemicals. My nose is now healed. I also had a small sore inside my ear that I had for years. It has now almost disappeared completely. When I was 21, I was in a car accident, had whiplash really bad and had been to several chiropractors. I’m 40 now and it still hurts every day. You suggested an essential oil that I put on my feet every night and when I need it. The pain instantly goes away. Come to find out, a lot of the pain comes from stress. Oh yeah, and a new one... I was always popping sinus medicine for the pressure and had migraines all the time. I am happy to say I haven’t taken any sinus medication since I first saw you. I can’t believe it. I was living on the stuff.

Last October, we vacationed at a water park and I went into the whirlpool. Within a minute, I felt tightening in my chest and had to get out immediately. I developed an upper respiratory infection. I was on antibiotics for 20 days and out of it for 1 month. After we had an HK session, I used the oils and Ningxia Red you suggested. I’m happy to say I barely feel anything, and its only been 3 days!

- Cheryl

In my sophomore year of high school, I developed nose bleeds. Diane was able to determine that I had an allergy to the chocolate milk I had been drinking everyday.

After only 2 sessions and a short period of staying off the chocolate milk, I am now able to have it every few days without any reaction! So quick and simple.

- Sarah

Diane has been a huge help to me where no other doctor, medical or holistic practitioner, has been able to help. I have huge problems with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and was getting weaker and sicker after having dealt with this for years. When a friend referred me to her, I was virtually at the state of hopelessness, with constant, serious reactions to almost everything. After working with Diane, after even one treatment, I knew there was hope. It has now been only 5 months and I can function without my mask, which I even wore in my own house for months. To be able to go into a store for the first time late last fall and not have it on and feeling energetic and glowing was an experience I couldn't put into words. If you have never been down this path, and I hope you never are, you have no idea what it feels like to be "normal" again. She was even able to help me go to a music festival at the fairgrounds last summer with my granddaughters. I didn't know if I could ever do anything like that again. I still have a ways to go, but to have results that no doctor could achieve is amazing! Diane is now who I turn to in any health situation. I am so glad to have found her. Thanks Diane! I don't know if I would be alive right now without you!

- Val K.

My entire family has benefited from Diane Kodak's expertise. We started with my son who needed help with his allergy-type symptoms. While I knew he needed help, I wanted to avoid the needles and painful allergy testing I was presented by another "professional." 

After meeting with Diane, we painlessly targeted the weaknesses in his system and subsequently, were freed from further symptoms. One by one, the other 8 members of my family have met with Diane and benefited from her intuitive, effective, all-encompassing HK sessions. It has been powerful and refreshing to know that Diane has the ability to work with the body to get it to a place of balance and healing. I feel blessed and grateful to have benefited from Diane and Health Kinesiology and highly recommend her services.

- Vicki Dau

Skin Irritation or Rash
Diane's work never ceases to amaze me. I used to have some hesitations about if it worked, but after I experiencing wonderful results myself, I have no doubts.

One of my amazing experiences happened while I was pregnant with my second son. I was around twenty weeks in when I developed a rash all over my stomach. Since I just can't leave itches alone, I was constantly putting various lotions on it. I even started to change my diet, wondering it was just something I was eating. Still, I would catch myself randomly having to itch it. 

Within a week, the rash had become irritating and embarrassing. Every time I would itch, it would start to bleed. I would put bandages on it and be changing my clothes constantly because I had a blood stain. I would get so embarrassed when people would touch my stomach; hoping they couldn't feel the rash. 

After an uneventful conversation with my doctor, I decided to call Diane to see if she could help me. Why I didn't I call her earlier, I really don't know. I would have saved myself so much frustration. After my first session, that very day I noticed the itchiness had gone down. I continued with my supportive work and the rash continued to feel and look better. By my next doctors appointment (less than three weeks later), the rash was looking significantly better with the worst being scabbed over. When my doctor saw my stomach, she even asked, "Who did you see again to help with your rash?" 

I couldn't have asked for anything more from Diane. She knows what she is doing and I am fully convinced that too!

- Jessica Hanson

I have seen Diane on several occasions for my asthma and the treatment has helped. I have gone from using my rescue inhaler 3-4 times a day to not using it at all. Then this past December, my face broke out in hives and rashes. After making 3 trips to the Urgent Care, receiving Prednisone injections and taking Benadryl daily for 4 weeks, the hives and rash were no better. Diane invited me to have a session with her. The treatment helped with my asthma, so I was willing to give it a try with my rash and hives, since traditional medicine did nothing for it and this alternative worked before. After the first session, I felt better and the hives and rash subsided. When I got in the car after my third visit I told my husband “I feel really good. Diane is really helping me”. He grinned and did not say anything. Then I noticed throughout the evening that I was feeling better in every sense: my body felt good, my emotions were in check and I was surprisingly RELAXED. I went to bed without any problems and when I woke this morning, I felt so much better and healthier. This is the best that I have felt in a very long time. I feel rested, balanced and in control.

- Y.K. Janesville, WI

Pain Relief
I came in with achy, inflamed and painful knees. Immediately after using the top 3 oils recommended by the Zyto Compass and diffusing into the AromaDome, the pain was completely gone! I couldn't believe it! Thank you Diane!

- Sabrina Larson 5/4/2015

I had shoulder pain for several months with very limited relief from anything (including visiting a chiropractor), so I sought out alternative professionals. After one of my HK sessions with Diane, I had extended relief from the shoulder pain, so much so that I could not believe it. I kept moving my shoulder to make sure that the pain had really subsided. Yes, it had. Although the pain did not completely stay away, and as I write this testimonial it has come back, my HK session was the only time that I got real relief.

- Kaye Branch

You’re right, this is powerful stuff!! My back, foot and ankle pain are all better.

- Carl, WI

General Wellness
I love the way Diane does energy work! As an Energy Worker/Massage Therapist, I have done a lot of energy work and had a lot done on me. Diane is a "think outside the box" girl, but well versed in her craft. She has been able to access stressors that many other therapists could not. She has helped me tremendously with a chronic problem that has been very stubborn in healing. I would absolutely recommend her as an Energy Worker/Practitioner, as well as a caring human being!

- S.C.

Diane, you have a true gift and sensitivity to the underlying issue. After our first session, I felt my sinuses open, which had not happened in many years.

- Gary W.

I've just had the best session at the chiropractor that I've had since I came back home! He says my adrenals and liver are holding and doing their job... That never happens! Especially with your color therapy and the "respect" session and all of your other help in the last 2 weeks, releasing heavy metal toxicity. I'm doing the best I've done in a long time! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Val K.

After yesterdays session, I have such a deep inner peace. Unlike any peace I’ve ever felt, it goes deep to my core. Thank you.

- S.D., Janesville

Diane has helped me in so many ways that it's hard to know where to begin. It's amazing to just talk like good 'ol friends! Diane and I realized that something may have been at the fringe of bothering me emotionally, effecting my physcial, emotional and mental state. At the time, I had not realized that a paticular situation or feeling was able my affect my positive energy. I have come to realize that our emotions are at the core of health conditions. To stay healthy, I've learned the HK work needed to be balanced spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physcially. By the end of the HK session, I feel balanced and more in control of my emotions with positive energy. The HK work, coupled with Young Living theraputic grade oils are a stabilizer to physcial, emotional and mental balance. I have loved the Young Living Oils for years. I love the smell, enhanced energy and feeling of being in control of myself. Thank you Diane for ALL of your HK support over the years.

- D.R.

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