Eastern healing methods are unlike the Western medicine that so many of us have grown up with. It is important that potential clients understand and are fully open to this unfamiliar form of therapy. To assist you in this process, I have identified a few terms that are helpful to understand before your first HK session.

Muscle Testing
This is the process that allows me to locate and assess the imbalances contributing to physical or mental discomfort.

Once I have assured that you are comfortable and completely relaxed, I will introduce a possible stress element or “trigger.” This trigger can be either a tangible object, emotion or idea. Immediately following that introduction, I will press lightly on your arm. This allows me to assess how much resistance the muscle is capable of giving.

I will then conduct more muscle testing while interpreting the results each time, identifying those specific “triggers.” These interpretations will determine your subsequent treatment plan.

Please note that while some imbalances can be identified and treated within a single session, others may require additional time and treatment to heal. No two sessions are the same because every concern is addressed and tailored to you, as an individual.

Supportive Work
Once the body is given the chance to heal, you may experience a reoccurrence of past concerns. Don’t worry! This is only temporary and signifies that your body is bringing the deeper issues to the surface for cleansing. Both healing and cleansing require energy. Sometimes, Supportive Work is needed to help boost your energy levels and assist the body in its healing process. It is not uncommon for Supportive Work to include essential oils, vitamins, exercise, or various homeopathies.

An allergy or intolerance each produces a unique chemical reaction. After pinpointing the difference, the goal with a low tolerance item is to raise the tolerance to a more liveable level. An allergy can be eliminated completely using HK.

HK can also help with Geopathic Stress, a negative energy emanating from the earth. Geopathic Stress is more prevalent in some locations, so moving to a new home or workspace can affect a person's energy balance. Electromagnetic Fields from both natural and man-made sources can affect overall health as well. I can determine which source is interfering with your natural balance and help you to correct it.

Developed by Lauren Oftedahl